2023 SFPE European Conference on Fire Safety Engineering 
March 29-30, 2023 in Berlin, Germany

Submission Deadline: September 15, 2022

Presentation abstracts should provide sufficient detail regarding scope, results, and applications to determine the quality and applicability of the engineering concepts that would be presented. 

If your presentation is accepted, the summary description you provide below will be used for marketing the event and published in the conference program. Extended abstracts are required for publication. Presentations must be noncommercial in nature. 

The extended abstracts should identify the a) title, b) topic being addressed, c) approach or methodology, and d) design implications or results and recommendations. References and citations shall be identified in the abstract. 

Abstracts must be submitted and presented in English. They will be reviewed lightly for appropriateness, structure, and English composition. 

The Program Committee encourages presentations on all fire safety topics. The Committee strongly encourages submissions on: 

  • Fire safety related to energy efficiency and emerging technologies (ESS, photovoltaic panels, flammable refrigerants, electric vehicles, etc.).
  • The application of performance-based design in timber/wood construction projects

Presentations are also being sought but not limited to the following representative topics: 

  • Building envelope (cladding, facades, etc.)
  • Existing buildings, cultural heritage, etc.
  • Probabilistic methodologies applied in a fire safety design
  • Structural fire protection engineering (performance-based) methodologies
  • How fire and life safety performance should be measured and verified
  • Human behavior & evacuation (anthropometric studies, social distancing, mass evacuation, etc.)
  • The application of models in performance-based design (fire, human behavior, structural)

More information on SFPE Conferences can be found here. 

The application must be filled out completely to be considered. 

Abstract Information

First A. Author, Title, Organization/ Second B. Author, Title, Organization/ Third C. Author, Title, Organization
Presenter Name*
PhD, FSFPE, PE, PEng, etc. If applicable.
No more then 200 words. If selected this will be used for promotion and published in the program.
If applicable.
No more than 200 words. If selected this will be used for promotion and published in the program.
Provide details on what will be presented and learning takeaways for attendees.

Body of Abstract

We are seeking extended abstracts approx. 1,000+ words. Please note that the submission form can not be saved and you will need to have all information ready prior to the form submission. You will receive a copy of all provided information once submitted. SFPE will notify all selected abstract presenters by November 1, 2022. For questions about submissions, please contact

The introduction section should (1) present the scope and objective of the paper and state the problem, (2) briefly review the pertinent literature, (3) describe the methods, and (4) provide an overview of the main results of the work.
The methodology must be clearly stated and described in sufficient detail or with sufficient references.
The findings and arguments of the work should be explicitly described and illustrated. Supporting figures, tables and images of the results may be uploaded below.
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File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.
Figures and images should be numbered and figure headers should be placed under the figure or image; as for the tables, they should also be numbered and the table header should be placed at the top.
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If applicable.
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